Dana Barron

Dana Barron, born Stacey Dana Barron on April 22, 1966

Occupation:  Actress

Marital StatusDivorced; Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino (3 children)  also Divorced; Dr. Tom Schmeck (1 child)

Sun sign: Taurus

Dana Barron is an actress best known for her role as Audrey Griswold in the original National Lampoon's Vacation. Though many get Dana Barron confused with Dana Hill who played the Audrey in the 2nd Vacation installment "European Vacation" who passed away sadly in 1996, Dana Barron is very much alive and though she has had little or no success in the past 20 years she does still continue to act and plug away at it. Dana has actually won two awards over the course of her off and on career. A best upcoming young actor award (obviously a long time ago) and a Daytime Emmy often called the (lesser Emmy) in 1989.

Her awards for acting though nice, pale by comparison to her awards for her work with children and fire safety however. Public schools thank Dana Barron. Dana Barron besides B movies and walk on roles on film and TV is probably best known for her more than 200 Fire Safety Film Strips for public schools that she did with McGruff the crime dog. Dubbed taking a bite out of fire, these award winning film strips saw Dana playing the role as a humorous character. Usually her clothing would catch fire and she would either roll around to put it out, or in some cases McGruff would pat her down with his large paws to douse the flames. McGruff enjoyed his role saying of Dana Barron that she was the finest human he ever put his paws on. Off the set the two kept it professional. McGruff admitted in later years however that he always wondered what would have happened had he made his move.

In the late 90's Dana Barron was the face of rubbers and safe sex for a generation. Dana endorsed the Trojan Condom line in a popular TV spot. Later that year she did what some consider was a pathetic attempt to shed the Audrey Griswold mold by having her pants yanked down in a seedy motel room scene in the film City of Industry. Dana Barron online has picked up the nickname Barron her Butt for this scene and many feel it didn't shed the Audrey Griswold mold and that the semi nude scene only served as a novelty for Vacation fans.

To make matters worse for the actress as one blogger wrote in 2006, Dana was reduced to a reprisal of her Audrey Griswold role in the very un-funny Christmas Vacation II Cousin Eddies Island adventure. The then fairly plump Dana Barron was forced to not only reprise the Audrey role, but also had to wear a one piece bathing suit due to her obvious weight gain. Rumor has it the producers wanted her in a 2 piece.

These days Dana Barron is still acting of course. Mostly in made for the back of the video store B and C films, and a few walk on roles on popular TV shows. Usually as customer number 7 or witness number 2. It seems a shame to many that such a talented actress is reduced to not even being customer number 1 or witness number 1, but that's Hollywood for you I suppose. 

Dana Barron is divorced with 4 children and recent reports indicate that she is currently pregnant with her 5th child despite her recent divorce in late 08 or early 09. 

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